Saturday, January 30, 2016

Email from Rory Baxter

It has been awhile since I have had fun picts to send.
We had so much fun having the girls here with us tonight. Our Ky has been looking forward to making choc chip waffles for the girls. They have been looking forward to eating them ;)
We had all the fixins - strawberries,  bananas, eggs,  hashbrowns,  milk,  juice. It was pretty quiet for awhile - it was fun to listen to the quiet of everyone enjoying their breakfast for dinner.
So happy we had the girls here with us,  esp with transfers on Tuesday. Girls still have not heard whether they will stay or not. They should know tonight. Can for sure let you know soon k
Hope that you are doing well. Know your cute girls are happy and healthy and having amazing experiences.
Will write more soon!
Rory  (momma Baxter)

So good to hear back from you!  I have missed writing to you too. We haven't had the girls for dinner since Christmas. The girls come on Monday for laundry and sometimes for lunch. I will make sure to take more weekly picts for you k. I will also write just because,  feel free to write too!
The girls sent me a note late last night that they are both staying!  We are SO excited!  Dinner calendar is finally going around,  so hopefully we will get some slots to have them come soon.
We are staying busy with end of term tomorrow. Also still rearranging furniture,  girls got a new day bed, will send picts soon! We are doing well mostly.
PS - Sis Ras is doing well at home. Bouncing to Dr appts and making more appts as needed. No for sure Dr news yet though. We'll keep you updated as I talk to her k
Well, need to run,  maybe have choir babies to care for....will be sure to write again soon. Have a great week!

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