Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mamma Baxter

Rory (Mamma) Baxter is a member of the Monmouth 3rd Ward where Haley is serving. She opens her home every Monday for the Sisters to do laundry. She also feeds them lunch while they're there. Haley said she's wonderful and does whatever she can for the Sisters!

email from Mamma Baxter

Hi there momma friend!

My name is Sis Rory Baxter (momma baxter to the girls). Just wanted to send you a quick "hello" and an update about your cutie girl!

I was so excited to get a surprise visit from a couple of cute girls last night. We were so happy to welcome to Sis Hannah! Now we have Sisters H squared - lol. Our sweet Sis Hartvigsen was so surprised to get a comp with last name that also starts with H. SO love our sweet sister missionaries!
The girls popped in for lunch today too, which gave us more time to talk. Sis H is replacing our dear Sis Rasmussen who needed to go home because of medical concerns. She mentioned that she was able to send you a quick note about her emergency transfer? Sis R left on Tues, and both Sis H arrived back home to our area late that night. I was so thrilled that they came to see us, and then again today. Your cute girl seems wonderful, and we are looking forward to getting to know her tons better.

The girls are getting settled in and will be able to meet everyone on Sunday (we had nasty ice storm last weekend and missed church and school closed for 2 days). Our Sis H is excited to introduce your Sis H to everyone. I know they have already visited a few who are extra special. We hope that she is happy here and that she has wonderful experiences in our ward.

We were excited to find out that Sis H was Sis R MTC comp. I know that it was a great comfort to our Sis H to know who her new comp would be, and to find out that Sis R already knows her was an even bigger blessing!

I heard from Sis R's mom today. She arrived home safely and is settling in as best as she can. I will be updating the girls as often as I can since most info will be posted via email to me or FB.

I will look forward to getting to know you better as Sis H serves here in our area. I love getting pics of our cute missionaries and sending them along with a note. Feel free to ask me questions anytime k. So excited to have a new missionary momma friend! Talk to you soon!


PS - can you send me Sis H bday? Thanx!

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