Monday, January 25, 2016

A Historic Week

Hey everyone!

Something historic happened this week! On Wednesday, the missionary
department held the first ever worldwide broadcast for all 75,000
missionaries! It consisted of the presidency of the missionary
department in Salt Lake and some of the apostles and other general
auxiliaries. It was a training on the 8 fundamentals of missionary
work. We heard from David A Bednar, Dallin H Oaks, Bonnie L Oscarson,
and others. Something that I took away most from the broadcast is that
we should always be testifying of the Savior. No matter where you're
at, or who you're talking to, always testify of the Savior and of His
Atonement.  Christ's sacrifice is central to all of human history.
It's the most important message that we can share. Something else that
also struck me was said by David A Bednar. He was talking about the
Holy Ghost and its role in conversion. He told us that the Holy Ghost
isn't a missionary's tool, but rather the missionary is a tool for the
Holy Ghost. The spirit is the real teacher, and we as missionaries are
just here to assist.

So I've discovered something hilarious; sister Hart gets scared super
easily! So of course, I scare her all the time and record it, and then
screenshot the video at the point where her face looks terrified. It's
pretty funny. Every time I scare her she tells me to go home haha 😂

Well that's about it for this week! Love you all!

Sister Hanna


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