Monday, January 11, 2016


Greetings from Monmouth!

Big changes are happening! My new area is awesome! It's bigger than
LaPine, but it's still small town. It's a cute, little historic town
with lots of old buildings and houses. I love it! There's no snow
(yay!) and its cloudy all the time! Which I love! The ward is big! And
there are so many awesome members! Monmouth is also a college town, so
we're over the YSA as well. We teach a Book of Mormon class at the
college and we get to attend FHE every Monday night. My new companion
is Sister Hartvigsen! She's from Utah, is a total hippie, and she's
got fantastic hair. She's been out for three months and was trained here in Monmouth.

So we've seen lots of miracles this week. We do this thing called
Power Hour. What we do is we go over to a members home and we pray
with them, and then they send us to an area that they felt inspired to
send us to and we go and tract for an hour. It's super powerful and every
time we've done it we've been able to get a new investigator or we
manage to find people who will listen to our message. Members are the
key to missionary work!

Another miracle! We contacted this referral named Teresa, and she was
so nice and receptive and eager to learn more! She grew up Catholic,
but she explained to us that she just doesn't really know what to
believe right now. She had a Mormon coworker and he talked to her
about the gospel all the time. She had a lot of questions that we were
able to answer and I could tell they already brought her a lot of
peace. The spirit was so strong in her home. She's golden! And we're
going back on Wednesday to teach her more.

The people here in Monmouth are so great! And I'm so excited for
what's ahead! I know that God has a plan for all of us, and he's
waiting to pour out blessings upon us all! I love you all!

Sister Hanna

Sister Hartvigsen

We took a detour on our way from LaPine to Monmouth.
We got out of the car and explored the Detroit Dam
(with Sister's Munford & Parrish)

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