Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
Sister Ottesen and I were invited to a BBQ today by a member in our ward. There was tons of people there! And after everyone had eaten, we played a game of softball, which I was SO pumped to play! I miss softball! It felt good to put on some pants and get a little dirty! And I owe a big thanks to Sister O for letting me drag her out to the field and watch me while I played with everyone else. I was actually able to spend Memorial Day the same way that I would've if I were at home!
So we had zone conference this past week! It was bittersweet though. It was President and Sister Samuelian's last zone conference :( At the end of the meeting, President and Sister Samuelian each bore their testimony, and of course, everyone was crying! President talked about having a vision for your life, and Sister Samuelian talked about the desires of your heart. One of my favorite things that President Samuelian said was, "You were foreordained for eternal life. Go claim your prize!" I'M GOING TO MISS HIM SO MUCH! 
So every week, we have family home evening with a part member family in the ward. The mom and the kids are members, but the dad, Anthony, isn't. But every week he comes to church and he participates in FHE every time because he loves being with is family, and wherever they are at, he wants to be there too. It's so precious! Anyways! For FHE we watched Johnny Lingo! (Don't worry it's on, I'm not an apostate missionary). Anyways, remember the part where the two ladies are talking about how many cows their husbands bought them for? And the one lady says, "I myself am a four cow wife!" Well, after the movie, Anthony said, "My wife is EASILY worth 100 cows!" And then he pointed to each of his four daughters and said, "And She's worth 100 cows, and that one is worth 100 cows, she's definitely worth 100 cows, and I'll get 100 cows for her too. I am a rich man indeed!" It was so cute! He'll get baptized someday, haha. 
Okay here's something funny! The other day we were visiting one of our members who lives in an assisted living facility. While we there, one of the staff came in for something, and then she turned to us and said, "Okay, this might be weird, but can I ask you guys a question?" Being missionaries and automatically assuming it was a gospel question, we readily agreed. Then she asked us, "Why does one of you have to get out of the car and back the driver up all the time?" When we explained to her that it was a way to prevent accidents she said, "Oh good! I thought it was a weird religious thing!" It was so funny, but in my head I just thought, "Wow, people really do think Mormons are weird!"
So the other day I read a talk given by President Thomas S. Monson at a BYU women's conference. He talked about how we need to stop waiting for tomorrow to happen, and to live each day in the moment. He said, "Find joy in the journey."
GUESS WHAT! We are having a mission conference with President Russell M. Nelson on Saturday! I'm pretty sure it's every missionary's dream to be serving and have an apostle come visit the mission! Our meeting with him is from 10-12 Saturday morning, but we are to be at the church building no later than 9 am because President Nelson wants to meet and shake very missionary's hand! GUYS. I am freaking out. This is insane. I can't even. In the words of President Samuelian, Russell M. Nelson is "one breath away from becoming the next prophet of the church." ..........AHHHHHH!!!!!  

That is all for this week!

Sister Hanna  

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