Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello people!

Lots of good things happened this week! Here's my favorite: So sister
Ottesen and I have been going through all of the contacts in our phone
and trying to find new investigators out of former ones, and also just
cleaning it out and trying to figure out who the heck all of the
people are in our phone. We texted this one guy who's name we didn't
recognize. He replied, asking us if we were sisters serving in Salt
Lake. So we told him no and that we were in Monmouth, OR. When he
replied, he expressed how happy he was that we had gotten into contact
with him. He told us that about two years ago, he was attending the
military academy at WOU in Monmouth when he was approached by two
sister missionaries with whom he had had a very nice discussion with.
After leaving Monmouth, he moved to Salt Lake where he then joined the
church and has since been endowed in the Salt Lake City temple! How
SWEET is that!!!!! He expressed to us how grateful he was for those
two sisters and that he has been incredibly blessed since joining the
church. We were able to give him the names of the sisters who were
serving here at that time so he could try contacting them through
Facebook. He told us that he would be ecstatic if he would be able to
contact those sisters and thank them. This was such a neat experience
to me! It proved that really no effort is ever wasted when it comes to
sharing the gospel! You may not always get the result that you are
hoping for when you share the gospel, but you are planting seeds that
will be harvested in the future. It reminds me of a quote by President
Monson, "The good you have done, the kind words you have spoken, the
love you have shown to others, can never be fully measured."
We also got another new investigator this week! He was a referral from
one of the ward members, and he had no problem inviting us into his
home! His name is Arnold, and we're going back over tonight to teach
him the Restoration.

This past Tuesday was also our ward talent show! It was so fun! One of
the best acts was a comedy bit by brother McCallister. Brother
McCallister has no legs due to an accident he was in when he was
little. You all should google this guy, his name is Kacey McCallister
and he's an incredible motivational speaker and he does amateur wheel
chair racing. He's awesome! But anyways, he did a stand up comedy act
where he pretty much made fun of himself for having no legs. But the
best act by far was by Bishop Duncan! Bishop Duncan, as he describes
it, is a "closet Elvis impersonator." You would never guess it, but he
does an Elvis impersonation that is crazy good! It was hilarious, and
I got it all on video!

Here's a cool quote I found the other day; "Real, personal sacrifice
never was placing an animal on the altar. Instead, it is a willingness
to put the animal in us upon the altar and letting it be consumed!"
-Neal A. Maxwell.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Hanna

I asked for a tag picture with her in the background. This is what I got, lol

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