Monday, May 2, 2016


Happy May 2nd!

First off, thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes! 21 doesn't
feel any different than 20! Woo! In the words of one of the Monmouth
members, "Welcome to more adult responsibilities!"

This last week was good! Sister Hartvigsen and I have been working
hard to find new people to teach. Over the weekend, we felt prompted
to tract an apartment complex in Independence. And guess what?! We
found a new investigator! Her name is Olivia. We talked to her outside
of her apartment, and she was telling us about how she has so many
questions that she can't seem to find the answers to. In my head I was
like, "OLIVIA WE HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!!!!" I had to bite my tongue to
keep from fire hosing her with answers and information. Didn't want to
scare her away haha. But! We set up an appointment to go back and see
her on Tuesday. So yay!

Sad news, Sister Hartvigsen is getting transferred 😭 We knew it was
coming though, she's been in Monmouth for 7 1/2 months! We don't know where
she's going yet, and I don't know who my new companion is yet, but we
find out tomorrow at the transfer meeting. Exciting stuff!

Speaking about transfers, you always find out what's happening the
Saturday before the Tuesday transfer. If you're just being
transferred, you get a call from your district leader, but if you're
getting a calling, you get a call from President. So basically, that
entire Saturday is just you and your companion flying by the seat of
your pants, freaking out about whether or not you'll get a call from
President. And any time the phone rings, you immediately drop what
you're doing and scramble to answer the phone. It's a very stressful
day haha. But anyways, 4 o'clock rolls around on Saturday afternoon
and we get a phone call from President Samuelian. But we couldn't
answer it because we were in a lesson. So we finished the lesson and
tried calling President back, but he didn't answer. So we wait for
about another hour for him to call us back and he never does. So we
try calling him again and he answers. Here's what he said: "Sisters,
I'm so sorry, but I called you on accident." Biggest coincidence of my
life that we get butt dialed by the mission president on transfer call
day! It was hilarious 😂

Thank you everybody for all of your love and support! Love and miss all of you!

Sister Hanna

Her birthday gifts from home: Birkenstocks & her favorite quote from conference, framed. She said she feels like a true Oregonian now that she owns Birkenstocks!

Birthday celebration! I contacted the members from her ward and sent one of her favorite recipes from home: Tomato Cream Pasta!
This is at Angie Milburn house

A Nutella cheesecake made by Ceana (a member in her ward)

Her district

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