Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey people!

This week was a bit of a slow one. We had A LOT of appointments fall
through, which gave us the chance to completely rely on the spirit for
what we needed to do. It was really neat to see the spirit work with
us, and there were many places and people we were led to that we
otherwise wouldn't have been if those appointments didn't cancel. We
had a lot of opportunities to meet people who weren't necessarily
interested in the gospel, but who were very nice and willing to talk
to us! It was great!

We had stake conference this weekend, and President Samuelian spoke at
the Sunday session! Sometimes I forget that he knows other people
besides the missionaries. So it was really cool to see him interact
with the members after the session. He has blessed and touched so many
lives here in Oregon.

So, Dutch Brothers Coffee is a huge thing here in Oregon. Everybody
rants and raves about it. So, sister Hart and I decided to see what
all the fuss was about, so we decided to grab some hot chocolate from
the place. IT WAS SO GOOD. We figured we're both now true Oregonians
since we have fallen prey to the Dutch Bros corporation 😂

Something that I have been studying recently is the New Testament.
I've been reading it along with the seminary manual, and it is SO
helpful! There is so much symbolism and parallels in the New
Testament, it just blows my mind! One of my favorite stories is in
Mark, and it's about the story of when Jesus raises the daughter of
Jairus from the dead, and also heals the woman with the issue of blood
in the process. Jairus, who was highly respected, came to Christ and
begged him to heal his daughter. While on His way there, the woman
with the issue of blood reached out and touched His garment, and she
was healed. Jesus stopped to talk to her and told her that because of
her faith, she was made whole. Jesus then went to the house of Jairus
and raised his daughter from  the dead. Jairus was socially respected,
the woman was an outcast. The two miracles together show that the
Savior's compassion and power to heal are extended to all, regardless
of social standing. I love Jesus! The Atonement is real and it works
for everyone! There are some people who believe that they have done
things that they can never be forgiven of, but that is a lie! Not one
of us can fall far enough to be out of reach from His love. I love
this church, I love this gospel, and I love my Savior!

Sister Hanna

Sister Hart was sad because I got two packages and she didn't get
anything 😂 Don't mind my face 😂

Our tiny district

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