Monday, February 29, 2016


We had another fantastic week! Jill got baptized on Tuesday! It was
awesome! You can literally see the change within her. Her face is
always lit up and she seems so much happier. Sister Hart and I were
able to perform a musical number at the baptism. Sister Hart sang and
I accompanied her on the violin to 'Come Thou Fount of Every
Blessing.' Sister Hart was super nervous, but she did great! Although
I think she regrets it because we've now been suckered into performing
in sacrament in two weeks and at the next zone meeting 😂

So sister Hart and I were out walking the streets the other day, and
we decided to go talk to this guy who was hanging out by the Little
Caesars. That sounds a little sketchy, but it's all good. We're still
alive. Anyway, this guy's name was Ahmad and it turns out that he was
from Egypt! He was so cool! He's Muslim, so we mostly talked about his
beliefs and about the similarities between our religions. We talked a
little bit about modern day prophets and about the Book of Mormon. And
he accepted a copy! He said that he would read our book if we read the
Kiran (is that how you spell it? I have no idea). So we told him we
would, and we did! We had a member Google an English translation and
we read a few sentences from it. But here's the coolest part about
this story; we happened to run into him on the day that he was
returning back to Egypt, a place where he'll most likely never hear
about the gospel again. It was no coincidence that we met him and gave
him a Book of Mormon. That could've been his only chance to hear the
restored gospel. God is great!

I also received a huge testimony builder for prayer this week. So the
Manley family from LaPine is getting baptized this weekend, and I
wanted to go back to Bend for the baptism SO bad. I even asked them if
I could be a part of their baptismal program because that would up my
chances for receiving permission to go 😂 I found this out last
Monday, and we had zone conference last Thursday, so I knew that I
would be able to ask President in person for permission. But still, my
chances were pretty slim that I would be able to go. But! President
always tells us that if we want something, and that something is a
righteous desire, God will grant it to us. I have never prayed so hard
in my entire life! I would just randomly hit the floor and start
praying because I wanted to go to this baptism so bad. Well, Thursday came, and I asked President if I could go, and he said yes! Ahhhhhhhh!
Prayer works!

That's all for this week! Love you all!

Sister Hanna

Jill's Baptism

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