Sunday, February 14, 2016

email from Rory Baxter

Happy Valentine's Day!

We got the treat to have the girls here for dinner last night. They were so cute when they sent a message to say they had an "epic dinner fail" and asked if they could come to our house for dinner. Of course I told them no way! LOL - OF COURSE we always welcome the chance to have the girls here with us! We had a yummy dinner of baked tatoes and meatloaf that my Caiden helped prep (he is hoping to go to culinary school after his mission - I love having him in the kitchen!) We also surprised them with a valentine treat - all the little kids helped Ceana (my RM) to make choc dipped strawberries. It was the perfect treat

It always thrills me so much when the girls/elders choose to be here with us. They add so much to our home when they are here.

Hopefully they will tell you all about our NW regional conference today. It was pretty amazing, so many good things.

Hope you have had a fabulous day! Sending tons of hugs!


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