Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Miracles are everywhere!


 I have had an awesome week! To start off, we had zone conference on
Thursday! All the missionaries in the Bend and Redmond zones met
together to have a meeting with President Samuelian and Sister
Samuelian. I love them so much! It was an all day meeting and it was
so spirit filled and incredible. We talked a lot about praying for
missionary experiences and encouraging our wards to pray for them as
well. We also talked a lot about fears and doubts. Sister Samuelian
talked about how the adversary is the father of all lies and the
author of all fear. She told us, "don't let the adversary scare you"! I
loved zone conference, I can't wait until the next one. So zone
conference is also where we get our cars inspected. Dad, you'll be
glad to know that our car won the cleanest car award! Thank you for
drilling it into my head about how a car should be properly cleaned!

So my companion and I have an investigator on date for baptism! AHHHH!
Her name is Trish, and she is so excited to be getting baptized! Her
testimony is so incredible, and I have seen it grow so much in the
last few weeks. We also have another investigator who we are setting
on date tonight! He's the grandson of a family in the ward. He's
already told us that he's getting baptized, we just have to set the
date! The work in LaPine is on FIRE!!! I am so excited!

Sorry this is short, but I love you all and I just want you to know
how AMAZING missionary work is!!! You see miracles every day! I
encourage you all to pray for missionary experiences! You may not have
a tag on your shirt, but you have one painted on your heart.

Sister Hanna

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