Wednesday, September 16, 2015



So honestly I don't remember most of this past week. It all blends together! So if I'm repeating anything, sorry haha. Anyways! This week was MLC or Missionary Leadership Council. I don't go to that, but my companion does since she's an STL! The other STL is Sister Griffin, who serves in Bend. Since the STLs had to travel to Newberg, Sister Munford (sister Griffin's companion) and I got to spend two days together! I always love spending time with Sister Munford! We feel so cool because we're both brand new missionaries and they let us loose without any supervision. Haha! Anyways, on Tuesday we contacted one of the referrals that was sent to us in LaPine. I was a little nervous, becuase I had never contacted someone without a senior companion. But! It was a good thing we did becuase we ended up getting a new investigator! Woo! Her name is Sharon, and she is awesome! She is totally ready for the gospel. 

So do you remeber Brad? We started teaching him! And he came to church last Sunday! He is super sweet and he was so excited to learn that there was a church that belonged to the Book of Mormon. Apparently, he had met missionaries before who gave him a BOM, but he didn't realize they belonged to a church. So he was super excited to find out about the LDS church. He'll most likely definitely get baptized, haha. 

We have a baptism this coming Saturday! Aiden and Evan Poulsen. They are such awesome kids and they are SO excited to get baptized! They understand the gospel so well, and it has truly testified to me that the gospel really is so simple and that it is meant for everyone. "For my soul delighteth in plainess; for after this manner doth the Lord God work among the children of men..." 2 Nephi 31:3. 

So for pday today we went and hiked a lava rive cave! It was huge and awesome. Sorry I don't have the pictures yet, but I will next week! Sorry this is another short email! I'll do better next week :) Love you all!

Sister Hanna

with Sister Munford
they got caught heart attacking a members house

She looks super mad at me but I promise she's not! I just snapped the picture at the perfect moment!

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