Monday, August 24, 2015

One Transfer Down!

Hey everyone!

This week has been crazy! We had transfers on Tuesday, and both of my companions left me :( Sister Henry finished her mission and headed home to Provo, and Sister Anthony was called to the Las Vegas West mission! I'm so excited for her! So on Tuesday, I spent all day in Bend with Hermana Phelps. Both of us were getting new companions, so we just stuck with each other until they got here. My new companion is Sister Williams. She's awesome, I already love her so much. But guess what? Sister Williams is on her last transfer! So I'll be getting another new companion next transfer. That'll be my fifth companion within 3 months! I was a mess when Sisters Anthony and Henry left, and I'm sure I'll be a mess when Sister Williams leaves. But hey, on the bright side, I'll have lots of new friends! 
So not only is Sister Williams awesome, but she's also the new sister training leader! That's right! The STLs are split between LaPine and Bend. Sister Griffin is the other STL. Because the STLs are split, there is going to be a lot more trips to Bend and a lot more exchanges. Every time Sisters Williams and Griffin go on exchanges (every Friday) with the other sisters in our district, I'll be with Sister Griffin's companion, Sister Munford. Sister Munford is a brand new missionary! She just got here on Tuesday. So every weekend it's gonna be her and I pretending like we know what the heck we are doing, haha! Also, we got permission from Sister Samuelian to have Sunday sleepovers with Sisters Griffin and Munford so that the STLs can do a weekly planning session. It's going to be an interesting transfer, that's for sure!
On Wednesday, my new companion and I drove down to Newberg with Sister Griffin to pick up Sister Munford. We didn't get home until almost midnight on Thursday! It was crazy. Everything was so delayed because the new missionaries' flight was delayed and they didn't get to Oregon until three on Wednesday, which meant that all the training and meetings were pushed back. So we left Newberg on Thursday at about 6, and it took us FOREVER to get home to LaPine. We caravaned with two trucks of Elders, who were heading to Redmond and Burns. Redmond is about half an hour from Bend, and Burns is about another 3 hours. It was craziness. But it was fun! Needless to say, this past week has not been a normal one, haha. But I have learned to make the best of any situation! A three and half hour road trip with a bunch of missionaries is something I won't forget! At one point along the highway we were stopped in traffic and Sisters Munford and Williams jumped out of the car and went and picked blackberries from the bushes along the side of the road. The Elders thought we were crazy haha! 
So Sister Williams and I spent the weekend going around and visiting with people so that Sister Williams could get to know the area. The people here are awesome! And they already love Sister Williams! 
I'm sorry this is a short email, but it's been a busy week and honestly I can't remember most of what has happened, haha! I love and miss you all!

Philippians 4:4 

Sister Hanna
Saying goodby

New Companion Sister Williams
Short Blonde in front of Haley

picking berries on the side of the highway


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