Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My first Baptism!


This past week was AWESOME!!! First and foremost, the greatest miracle that happened this week was...a baptism!!!! Ayden and Evan Poulsen got baptized on Saturday!!!! My first baptism as a missionary! Well, it's not my baptism, but yea! First baptism! It was so incredible and spiritual! They asked me to give the talk on baptism. At first I was freaking out because I was like "oh no, I have to talk in front of PEOPLE." But I got over it! And I was really glad they asked me, because that was such a cool experience! I did this visual aid where I had Ayden and Evan come up and draw all over a boiled egg. The egg before it was drawn on represented them as being pure and clean. The marker on the egg represented sin. Then I had the boys peel off the shell so the egg was clean and white again, and that represented baptism! Being cleansed of all your sins! The relief society room may or may not have smelled like eggs afterwards, but that's okay! They really liked it! I actually got the egg idea from Sister Williams. She's a genius. But anyways! That baptism was so powerful and spiritual, and the boys were SO excited to get baptized. Not to sound prideful or anything, but sister Williams and I helped create the beginning of a celestial family! I am so excited for the Poulsen's! They are planning to attend the temple a year from now! Yay! I love teaching kids! Ayden and Evan are awesome!

Sister Williams and I got two new investigators this week! They came from a less active, part member family, where the mom and one of the daughters have been baptized. The dad and the son are the new
investigators. The mom was in a head on collision car crash on the highway about a month ago, and she lived! We were talking to the dad the other day when we went over to help him split wood, and he told us that the only reason his wife is alive is because God wants her to be, and that he wants to start taking the missionary discussions. God really does work in mysterious ways! Our first lesson with him is on Thursday!

So do you all remember Brad? He's on date to be baptized! He's the guy we gave a Mormon.org card to while he was pumping our gas, and he called us the next day! Anyways, we taught him the Restoration on Wednesday. We asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes! Woo! So awesome! The gas station that Brad works at is a GOLD MINE! We give out pass a long cards to everyone we see there! But one of the guys we talk to at the gas station all the time is Jerry! Super sweet guy. While we were having our lesson with Brad at his house, guess who walks in?! Jerry! And guess what again?! Jerry is Brad's brother-in-law! How crazy is that!

So this next story is going to make all of you laugh, especially you dad! On Friday Sister Williams and I were driving down this stretch of highway and we were on our way to contact a referral. Well, we realized that we wouldn't have enough time to contact the referral and
make it to our other lesson in time. So, we turned around. Annnnnnd got our car stuck in the dirt! There was nowhere else to turn around so we decided to pull off the highway and turn around. No big deal! We do that all the time! Except the dirt here is like sand! So we basically dug ourselves into the dirt, hahaha. We had to call bishop so he could come and save us! It was SO funny! The funniest part was that we could've gotten out ourselves but we didn't know how to use four wheel drive. So sometime in the near future, bishop is going to give us driving lessons haha.

Well I love you all! And so does Jesus!

Sister Hanna

Evan & Ayden Poulsen Baptism

Lava River Cave
Pday Hike

Heart Attacking a members house
with Sister Munford 
Splitting Wood for the Newton's

Stuck in the dirt on the side of the highway
Sunday night sleepover in Bend so Sister Williams & Griffin can do their STL thing!
Zone Pday Fun
(One of the members in the Cascade Crest ward owns an indoor sports facility and he'll clear it out for the missionaries once a transfer)


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