Monday, August 1, 2016

Hi everyone! 
So I've been transferred to...Salem YSA ward! My new companion is Sister Megan Lovell! She's from Pleasant Grove, Utah and she's been out for 8 months. She's short and awesome! 
Serving in a YSA ward is an adventure for sure! We meet at 1:30, Sacrament is the second hour of the block, and there are 3 counselors in the Bishopric. Sister Lovell and I have adopted the phrase, "YSA does what it wants!" Because, seriously...they do what they want haha. YSA ward is way different than family ward. Sacrament meeting was so quiet yesterday! But it's fun to be working with people my age! YSA does lots of activities, and we get to attend because it's a great opportunity to find new investigators. We get to attend Family Home Evening on Monday nights and on Friday nights we play volleyball. Our work area is huge! The Salem YSA ward covers all of Salem, except west Salem, as well as Keizer, Woodburn, and bunch of other small towns surrounding the city. I'm excited to have the opportunity to see Salem! 
So my first day here we taught the Law of Chastity to our on date investigator, Ryan. He's engaged to a returning less-active in our ward, Jennifer. Law of Chastity is always slightly awkward, especially when you have to tell two people to stop living together...which is what we had to do with Ryan and Jennifer. They were shocked upon hearing that living together was a no no, but by the next day, they had made arrangements for Ryan to live in the RV outside on his parents property while Jennifer still lived inside the house. It was incredible to see the faith that the two of them have and to see how quickly they were willing to live the commandments of God! They're awesome and Ryan is getting baptized on the 14th!

Lots of exciting things are happening here! We've got a lot of great potential investigators that we are really excited about as well as some recent converts who are on fire!

Until next week!

Sister Hanna

My new address is: 
3640 Liberty Rd. S. #19
Salem, OR 97302      

Sister Erickson and I made a fort in our living room and slept in it the last night before transfers.


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