Monday, July 25, 2016

So I have some pretty lame news...I'm getting transferred :( Goodbye Woodburn! Goodbye Sister Erickson! I'm so sad to be leaving Sister Erickson! I don't understand why I only got six weeks in Woodburn, but God knows a lot more than I do, soooo I guess I'll go haha. I don't know where I'm going yet, I find out on Tuesday! Fingers crossed that I go back to Bend or Redmond!

This past week was good! We got two new investigators! Our current investigators, Xavier and Linda, invited their daughter to our discussion on Wednesday, and she's going to keep coming! And then a lady named Tracey who's been getting some help from church resources called us and said she would like to take the discussions! Miracles are happening! 

We also got to see our investigator Matt before he left for Romania for three weeks (he's in the National Guard). I am SO BUMMED to be leaving Matt! I've met people on my mission that I know I knew in the pre-mortal world, and Matt is one of them. Anyways, we showed him the Mormon Message "Hope of God's Light." Sister Erickson and I felt inspired to show him that video, and after watching it, he said he could relate a lot to the man in the video. Boom! Spirit led! Then we taught him about prayer and committed him to start praying again. I am so excited to see Matt progress! He also took his Book of Mormon with him to Romania! HE'S SO COOL! 

So, my shoe fell off while I was riding my bike the other day. Thankfully it didn't get run over. Also, we had dinner with a Filipino family last night. We had normal food, like pork chops and lasagna, but then they had what is called Balut. It's considered a delicacy in the Philippines, but I have no idea how because it was soooo gross. Balut is a fermented duck egg... So when you eat Balut, you're eating dead baby duck. I decided to try it...I hope you enjoy the video haha. 

Also, I hit my 13 month mark yesterday...what...this is going way to fast! 

Much love,
Sister Hanna
This is Matt! He's holding the flag in front of him because he was outside working on his car and was dirty. We told him nobody would care, but he did, so he covered up. Also, please excuse my severe helmet hair!
This is us super bummed at a wedding reception because we couldn't dance and it was really hard to block out the worldly music, lol

I'm eating baby duck!
If you look closely you can see the head. And the part I ate was a furry wing!

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