Monday, June 20, 2016

Hello from Woodburn!

Guys! This transfer was AWESOME! I'm serving in Woodburn in the
Woodburn 1st ward in the Keizer stake/zone. My new companion is Sister
Erickson and WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! I knew her when both of us
were serving in the Bend/Redmond area, so when they announced at the
transfer meeting that we were to be companions I could not contain my
excitement! She's been out for 9 months.

I am LOVING it here in Woodburn! And we walk everywhere! A previous
sister crashed the car twice, so it got taken away 😂 Walking was a
missionary experience that I didn't think I would get! So I'm excited
about it! And Woodburn is actually a city! Not small town like my last
two areas were. Don't get me wrong, I love LaPine and Monmouth with
all of my heart, but I FINALLY HAVE A WALMART! 😁 Also, in LaPine and
Monmouth, we were pretty secluded with no other sisters to hang out
with. It was lonely and boring sometimes haha, but here in Woodburn
we're surrounded by other sisters! Sister Erickson and I, along with
four other sisters went out to lunch today and went shopping at the
outlet malls! Fun was definitely had!

This past week was a bit of a blur because of all the new people I've
met and from trying to get used to a new area. But nonetheless, sister
Erickson and I saw many miracles! On Wednesday we went to go see a new
investigator named Matt. As we got to talking, he asked where I was
from, so I told him Mesa, AZ. Come to find out, he graduated from Mesa
High School in 1990!! WHAAAAT!? It's ridiculous how excited it made
me, but what a cool experience! Matt is a cool dude. #instantbond
#jackrabbitalumni #arehashtagsstillathing?

Another miracle we saw happened last night! We were doing what we call
"phone tracting." AKA going through all of the contacts in our phone
and calling the people we don't recognize. We called this one guy
named Elli, and to our surprise, he was excited that we called! It
turns out that he is a past investigator, and according to him the
missionaries just stopped coming one day. Anyways, we talked about the
scriptures, Thomas S. Monson and Joseph Smith. As we talked about all
of these subjects I could hear the love and affection that he had for
the gospel in his voice. And anytime he referred to church members, he
would say "we." This guy already considers himself LDS! As he was
talking, I felt that I should ask him about baptism. He said that he
had been invited to be baptized by missionaries before, but nobody
ever followed up. I asked him how he felt about baptism now, and he
said that his heart filled with joy and excitement at the thought of
it. Do you guys see where this is going?? So...we invited him to be
baptized! Over the phone! AND HE SAID YES! A baptismal invite over the
phone! It was such a cool experience! We're seeing him on Tuesday!

I'm so excited to be here in Woodburn! Good things are going to happen
here, I feel it in my bones!

Also, shout out to my soul sister, Sister Munford, for saving her
neighbor from a fire last week!

Love you all!
Sister Hanna

Sister Erickson!

This is pretty much our companionship summed up in one picture!

It's my soul sister, Sister Munford!


Monmouth Goodbyes :(
Sister Kimber Klopp & Emilie Varner
This is Lexi. She has a mission call to the Arizona Mesa mission serving at the Mesa Temple visitors center! She leaves in July and I'm so pumped to see her when I get home!
Autumn Wilburn and her family
Brolin and Sarah Johnson
Cecily Hart

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