Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spiritual Overload!


Can we talk about conference please?!?! It was so amazing! I loved every single speaker! I seriously LOVE conference! And guess what? Our investigator Kaitlin watched 3 out of the four sessions! She is SO amazing! She's getting baptized this weekend and I am so PUMPED! She is seriously incredible. She loves the gospel so much and is so prepared. So, back to conference. I think my favorite talk was by Jeffrey R. Holland on Saturday afternoon. It was about moms and their divine nature and role in the kingdom of God. He talked about how a mother's love is the closest we can come to in mortality to comprehending the love that the Savior has for us. He said, "Mothers are saviors on mount Zion." AH! I love it! I think why I love it so much is because it reminds me of you, mom. Thank you, mom, for always loving me, even when I acted like a turd.

So Sister Munford is my new companion! But I'm pretty sure I already told you all that. Anyways! She's from Ogden, Utah and has five other siblings. She's been out just 6 weeks, but she has seriously got this missionary thing down already! She's incredible. We teach really well together and I'm pretty sure we share the same brain because we're always thinking the same things. Comp unity, yay! A lot of people have told us that we look identical if we're standing far enough away. So we decided that we're going to dress up as each other for Halloween! It's gonna be good haha.

We are so busy here in LaPine! We've got about 10 investigators, and the best part is that a lot of those 10 are families! Teaching a family is awesome because you get to witness the difference that the gospel and the spirit makes within the home.

We've also been doing a lot of service for our ward mission leader, Brother Rothrock. He's been repainting his house, so we've gone over a few times and have helped him repaint his deck. The Rothrock's are seriously the best! We love them so much! Plus, he's got a fridge stocked with Dr. Pepper, so that's a bonus haha. On Thursday we brought our investigator Kaitlin over to paint with us. She gets along so well with Sister Rothrock, so that was a really neat experience to see Kaitlin getting along with the ward members.

Miracle of the week. On Sunday Sister Munford and I went to the church to watch the afternoon session of conference. LaPine is small, so only like 5 people actually watch conference at the church. Well, this time it was just us and another older sister who came to watch. But, the weird part about this, is that no one showed up to set up the projector! Luckily, we were able to watch it on our iPads. The reason this is a miracle though is because if Sister Munford and I didn't go to the church, which we almost didn't, the sister who was there with us wouldn't have been able to watch conference! The church was the only place she could go to view it. Yay for tender mercies! They're awesome.

So the weather up here in LaPine has been CRAZY! Two days ago it was 40 degrees and raining and now today it's sunny and 70. What the heck Oregon, get it together! How are all of you Arizonans doing? Still sweating? Lol!

Sooooo if you didn't watch conference, watch it! It was amazing and I know that it will answer your prayers and build your testimony.

Sending my love all the way from Oregon!

Sister Hanna

Her new companion Sister Munford
With Sister Pearce who fed them breakfast and watched conference with them Saturday morning

Painting the Rothrocks house with investigator Kaitlin

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