Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sierra's Baptism!


Another great week has flown by! The days seriously go by so fast! So
guess what happened on Saturday?? BAPTISM!!! Sierra got baptized on
Saturday! But seriously, the events that led up to her baptism that
Saturday night are pretty insane, you'll all love it! So Sierra's
baptism was scheduled for 7:30 Saturday night because another baptism
was already scheduled for 6. The other sisters serving in Bend in the
Cascade Crest ward had a baptism for their investigator Danny. Cascade
Crest is the area Sister Munford was serving in before she came to
LaPine, so she had been teaching Danny before she left that area. So
since Danny was sister Munford's investigator, we went to his baptism
as well. So just before Danny's baptism was about to start, Sister
Griffin (Cascade Crest missionary and Sister Munford's last companion)
checked the font and it wasn't full! They had forgotten to plug the
font! And the font takes two hours to fill! Panic. The Cascade Crest
sisters were panicking and Sister Munford and I were panicking because
we had Sierra's baptism in an hour and a half! So since there was
another baptism scheduled, we couldn't postpone Danny's baptism
because Sierra's was later that night. Soooo...we definitely had a
problem on our hands. Between Danny's missionaries, the Cascade Crest
bishop, and the former Cascade Crest bishop, it was decided that
Danny's baptism would be moved to a members home and he would get
baptized in the hot tub. THE FLIPPING HOT TUB! So Sister Munford and I
plugged the font so that Sierra would have water, and then we drove
over to the member's home where Danny would get baptized. It was
actually an amazing experience, because everyone who was at Danny's
baptism, as soon as they heard the baptism was being moved, they
didn't even hesitate to get up and go. The amount of love in that room
was awesome! And let me tell you, the spirit was incredible as the
baptism talk was given in the living room of the member's house. And
then...I kid you not we all moved outside and witnessed the baptism of
Danny in a hot tub. The Elders would not believe us that he got
baptized in the hot tub! So after Danny was baptized, sister Munford
and I booked it over to the church and got there just in time to help
Sierra get her jumpsuit and take pictures. She had over 50 people at
her baptism! That little girl is loved by so many people in the ward.
The baptism was awesome and spiritual and everyone who had a part in
the program were the people who have taken her in and made her feel so
loved. It was unforgettable, that's for sure.

So we have this incredible investigator right now named Nick! He's 16
years old and he's good friends with one of the families in the ward.
Anyways, we had our second lesson with him yesterday and he committed
to be baptized on November 21st! When he described to us how he felt
when he prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true, there was no
denying that his answer came from God. When we told him that the steps
he is taking to be a part of Christ's church was exactly what his
Heavenly Father wants him to be doing, he got the biggest smile on his
face that he tried to hide. But he couldn't. We saw it, and it was

For the month of November, the Bend zone has a goal of reaching 90
new investigators! Which means that each companionship has a goal of 3
new investigators a week. Sister Munford and I are so pumped and
excited to reach this goal. It's definitely going to take a lot of
faith, and especially a lot of OYMing, which is opening your mouth.
I'm still not the greatest at that, but now I need to be. I can't wait
to see all the miracles that will come from this!

A scripture that I have really come to love is D&C 6:34-36. Verse
34 is actually the Oregon Salem mission scripture. Read it! It's
awesome :)

I love you all!

Sister Hanna

Sierra's Baptism

We were doing service at bishops house and sister Munford forgot to
bring a change of shoes. We couldn't go back to the apt because we
were being picked up for dinner at the church. So she wore these out
to dinner and then the rest of the night, it was awesome!

Making popcorn balls with Carolyn (ward member)

Decorating their apartment for Halloween

cupcakes for district meeting


Sister Munford's mom sent Halloween treats!

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