Monday, July 11, 2016


Okay, so once again this week flew by! But the best thing about this week was that we met President and Sister Tateoka! AND I LOVE THEM! Before the Samuelian's left, they told us that there was room enough in each of our hearts to love a new mission president and wife. And they were right, as always! We met the Tateoka's on Tuesday and had a meeting with them. They shook each of our hands and gave us hugs. And they also sang a song for us! It was so precious! The best part about this meeting was the spiritual confirmation I received that the Tateoka's were truly called of God. I don't know how many of you know this story, but when the early saints were trying to figure out who the next prophet would be after Joseph Smith was killed, they were addressed by Brigham Young. Many of the people in the crowd said that they saw the face and heard the voice of Joseph Smith while Brigham was speaking, and that's how they received their witness that Brigham Young was to be the next prophet. And it was like that for me with President Tateoka! There were so many things that he said and he had so many of the same mannerism as President Samuelian! It was way cool!
That's about it for this week! Sorry that it's a short one.

Oh! And we had sister's pday today! We decorated Book of Mormons. They're way cute!

Sister Hanna  
President & Sister Tateoka

Sister's P-Day

I had to make two because I did the first one upside down, lol


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