Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Friends and family!

So I'm just going to share a few highlights from this past week! First
off, it snowed! Hard! The mission office grounded our cars on
Wednesday because of all the snow. It snowed all day Tuesday and into
the night! On Tuesday, the four of us sisters went around with Bishop
Russell and helped shovel snow at people's houses. We were shoveling a
random drive way when a lady poked her head out her front door and
through her tears told us how grateful she was for us. She was an
older lady, and she told us that she had been worrying about how her
driveway would get shoveled because she couldn't do it herself. Her
gratitude was so amazing! Service is awesome!

So it's a LaPine sister's tradition to be initiated into the area by
participating in "The Mattress Slide!" So of course, sister Munford
and I had to initiate sisters Bennion and Parrish. We lined the stair
case with mattresses and had fun throwing ourselves down the stairs!
Our neighbors probably strongly dislike us because we were super loud
while doing it haha!

Thanksgiving was fun! It was definitely weird not being with my
family, but we had dinner with Bishop, who's basically family anyways.
Yesterday, sister Bennion and I went tracting. We knocked on this
lady's door, and when she answered we asked if we could share a
Christmas message about Christ with her. She looked at us and said
"Well, you two are pretty young, and I've been on this planet
significantly longer than you, so I know a lot more about Jesus Christ
than you two do. But congratulations to you two for knowing about
him." What the heck! People...sometimes they're the worst, sometimes
they're the best. But! They are all children of God, and I love them!
Have you all watched the new Christmas video that came out yesterday?!
It's called "A Savior Is Born." And it's fantastic! Go watch it if you

I love you all and I hope you are enjoying the holidays with your
family and friends!

Sister Hanna

Traditional Mattress Slide for new Sisters



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