Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Transfer week!

Hello :)

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK!? We got transfer calls! Good news, Sister Munford and I are staying in LaPine! Yay! Even better news. WE ARE GETTING A SECOND SET OF SISTERS!!!! There's going to be two companionships here in LaPine! President Samuelian called us on Friday and told us that he was thinking about sending two more sisters to LaPine. And then on Saturday he called us again and "officially" told us that he was sending two more sisters. Luckily, our apartment is big enough to hold four people! But not only are we getting two more sisters, we're getting two brand new sisters! Sister Munford is training a greenie, and I will be training a sister from the temple square mission! And she's either going to be from Africa or Australia! We are SO excited! So tomorrow, Sister Munford and I will be going to Salem for the transfer meeting, and then from there we will be put into temporary companionships and will proselyte in an area in the valley. Then on Wednesday we will have the trainer's meeting in Newberg, and Friday is when we will get our new missionaries! Sister Munford and I have spent all weekend cleaning out, organizing, and rearranging our apartment. We also had Elder and Sister Abrams from the mission office drive up and bring us a second set of bunk beds. THIS IS SO EXCITING! 

So, that's not the only awesome thing that happened this week. Yesterday at church, a lady in the ward came up to me and handed me a giant loaf of pumpkin bread. She didn't say anything, but just stared at me. So I was like "uhh, thanks?" She then smiled at me and said, "your mom wanted you to have this," and then she just walked away! I was so confused, but I almost started crying! Thanks mom for finding a way to send me pumpkin bread! I love you!

IT HAS STARTED TO SNOW! It was snowing really hard earlier, but again, nothing has stuck to the ground yet. It's also been icy! Yesterday we were leaving our ward mission leader's house, and I almost slipped and fell on my butt on his outside deck! Don't worry, I caught myself but I'm just waiting for the day when I will actually fall, haha. 

Sorry this email is short, but I promise I will have a lot more to say next Monday
Love you all!

Sister Hanna

Her District
They nicknamed themselves
"The Derp Herd"
(because they cant ever take a serious picture)

Halloween Fun
This was one of our member's Halloween costumes. We should proselyte like this, yes? Haha!

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