Tuesday, November 17, 2015

And now there are four!

 It's been a crazy, busy, hectic week! It started off with sister
Munford and I traveling to Salem on Tuesday for transfer meeting. At
the meeting, we were put into temporary companionships while we waited
for our new missionaries. Sister Munford and I were sent to Forest
Grove with Sister Daniels, and we proselyted there until Thursday. On
Thursday we got our new missionaries! So you know how last week I told
you I would be getting a temple square missionary who was either going
to be from South Africa or Australia, and sister Munford would be
getting a greenie? False. President Samuelian changed his mind, aka
the Lord changed His mind, and I got the greenie and sister Munford
got Sister Parrish, who is from Australia! Sister Bennion is my new
companion and she's from Kansas! You don't here of many missionaries
being from Kansas, haha! So now there is four of us living together,
and let me tell you it has definitely been an adjustment. Since
there's now two companionships in LaPine, sister Munford and I have to
split up the area. We have to split our investigators, which stinks
because both of us love these people so much. Planning has definitely
been the worst. It's been causing a lot of frustration and anger
because we're still not completely sure how we're splitting the area.
It was getting really bad. But on Sunday, we decided to fast. And it
worked! We're all a lot happier and it has been so much easier to push
away the anger and frustration. My testimony of fasting has definitely
been strengthened.

Miracle of the week! So the four of us were out tracting the other
day, and this lady was trying to hook her horse trailer back up to her
truck. We went over to see if she needed help, and it turns out that
in order to get the trailer back onto the hitch, it needed to be
lifted. So the four of us sisters were like "we can lift it" and she
did not believe us. So we were like "Carol, do you have faith?" And
she was like "I'm not sure." So we told her that we had enough faith
for her. She looked at us like we were crazy. But nonetheless, she let
us attempt to lift the trailer. The first time we tried, it didn't
budge. The second time it moved just barely. And the third time we
tried, we were able to lift it just enough to get the hitch under it!
When we lifted it the third time, it seriously felt like someone was
there lifting it with us! It was amazing! And even better, the lady we
were helping was in shock! And guess what! Sister Munford and Parrish
are going back over this week to see her!

On Saturday Kyle and Audrey got baptized! It was super awesome.

Friday, the ward had a chili cook-off for the Boy Scouts
fundraiser. Sister Munford and I got to be the judges for all the
chili's. One of the chili's  was squirrel chili! And you know what?
It was delicious!

We woke up to snow this morning! Not very much, but still! Snow!

I love you all!

Sister Hanna

Kyle & Audrey Newton' Baptism


Proselyting with Sister Daniels in Forest Grove

New Sisters in LaPine
Sister Parrish & Sister Bennion


New Companion Sister Bennion

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