Monday, August 10, 2015

I got my iPad!

Hi friends and family!

This week I got my iPad! Woo! My companions and I had to travel the three and half hours to Newberg for a special technology training meeting with President Samuelian and his assistants. We learned about how to safely and appropriately use our iPads. They really stressed the importance of making our technology our servants and not our masters, which made me think of Matthew 6:24, "no man can serve two masters." President Samuelian is such an awesome guy! My most favorite thing he said during the tech training was, talking to us sisters, "The harder you work, the better looking your husband is!" Talk about motivation! Haha! And I got to see Sister Rasmussen at the meeting! Ah! I love and miss her so much!

On Saturday, there was a ward picnic to celebrate Pioneer Day! My companions and I helped make all of the signs and we made cookies. They had tons of activities! There was bonnet sewing, bubbles, three legged race, button on a string, and tons of other games for the kids. There was also homemade root beer and ice cream. Sister Anthony and I made bonnets, and they're way cute! Everyone was jealous of our bonnets. Just kidding, they weren't. But I like to think they were haha. It was so neat to see the ward family come together, and it's amazing how much I love the people!

The other day I was going to the bathroom, and I look over and see a GIANT SPIDER sitting in the corner! I yelled from the bathroom for my companions, but they thought I was overreacting. Sister Henry told me to just smash it with some toilet paper! But no. This thing was massive! So I open the door to show them and Sister Henry takes one look at it and runs away screaming into the kitchen. Then Sister Anthony takes a look and runs away screaming as well! Meanwhile I'm standing there laughing my head off because I just realized that my companions are wimps hahaha. But it's okay, I still love them! So obviously the spider needed to die. So I stick on my shoe and try to muster up the courage to step on the ugly thing. After about 5 minutes I finally killed the stupid thing, but I'm screaming the entire time that my foot was smashing the spider! I'm sure the neighbors thought we were dying or something haha! Anyways, moral of the story is that I'm never using that bathroom again!

For dinner last night we ate at the Walters. I love this family because they are younger with younger kids and they remind me of my family! So I love going over there! Anyways, we shared with them a video about the Atonement. After the video the Dad was explaining to the kids about how Jesus Christ suffered for us and felt everything that we have ever felt. He explained that no other person could have been able to do what Jesus did, but then the 10 year old boy piped in and said "BUT WE ARE MEN!" It was so funny! The little boy was so confused as to why a big strong boy like him couldn't do what Jesus did hahaha. 

I love all of you and I hope you are reading and praying everyday! 

Sister Hanna

Pioneer Day Picnic

Brother Rothrock
Ward Mission Leader

Technology Training for the iPad
Sister Rasmussen (MTC Companion)

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