Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One Month Down

Hey ya'll!!! Such a good week, especially Sunday! So our investigator that we've been teaching, Elyse, came to church yesterday!! YAYYYYY!!!!! She loved it! We're going over on Tuesday and we are not leaving until she commits to a baptismal date! She is so ready! Not only did Elyse come to church, but also 6 other less active families that we've been going over and visiting! I kept getting more and more excited each time one of them walked in the door! It was a day of many miracles, to say the least. And it was a PERFECT sacrament meeting to come to, because the talks were about the importance of sacrament meeting! It was so perfect!

So I lead my first lesson on Friday! We were teaching the Coleman family. The mom is a less active, but none of her kids are members. I took the lead without even realizing it and it is so amazing how the spirit puts words into your mouth. I honestly don't even remember most of what I said because it all came from the spirit! Two of the kids have already been coming to church, but when the lesson was over the oldest boy said he wanted to come to church too. And he did!
So here in Oregon, everyone has a dog. Literally everyone. I was just about trampled by four dogs the other day when we went to visit a sister who had just had surgery. Luckily they're all nice dogs, but I'm just waiting for the day when we get chased out of a house haha! So when we visited Cindy the other day, her dog crawled up onto my lap, and he smelled SO BAD. He smelled like poop! And guess what? There was definitely some dog poop on my skirt when we left her house. Dog poop. ON. MY. SKIRT. Hahahaha! I can't even be mad though because it's just so funny! 
The sweet old lady that we visit every week, Carolyn, was baptized about a year ago. And she says the funniest things! We were at her house Saturday night and we were chatting, and out of the blue she says, "Just because you're Mormon doesn't mean you can't be sexy!" Uh, what?? Hahaha! It was so funny! My companions and I laughed it off, but Carolyn wanted a real answer! So we sat there awkwardly, and finally I said, "Well, we're missionaries, so we wouldn't know..." It was so hilarious hahaha!
Today we had sister's pday!! Sister's pday is when all the sisters in the zone get together and do something fun! So today we went hiking in the lava caves! The sister training leaders brought all of us glow sticks to make it even more fun! Once we were down in the cave, each set of companionships had prepared a musical number to sing. My companions and I sang Love One Another. As soon as the singing started, the spirit was instantly there. We had all of our lights off and it was so peaceful to just sit there in the dark and be surrounded by the music. 
I love missionary work, and I love the gospel! And I love and miss all of you! Only 17 more months to go! Woo!

Sister Hanna


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