Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm in the Middle of Nowhere!


I made it to Oregon! We had to wake up at 2:15 am in order to leave the MTC by 3:35am. They bused us to the train and we had to load hundreds of suitcases on the train within five minutes. Then we had to unload and board the light rail to get to the airport. It was cray cray.
Oregon is awesome! IT'S SO GREEN! When president picked us up from the airport, he took us to the beach, where we could see the 4th largest haystack in the world! It's what our mission is based off of. "Build Upon the Rock!" 
So I was assigned to a trio! Sister Anthony and Sister Henry. Sister Henry can do the GREATEST impressions ever! She's mastered the Gollum and the Dobby voice. She can also beat box and rap, so she's basically the coolest. The area I am assigned to is called LaPine, and it's three and a half hours away from the mission home, and it's a tiny town haha. There are pine trees everywhere! Hence, Lapine haha. Apparently Lapine is consdiered "high desert." But it's green and we are surrounded by pine trees. If you want to see desert, go to AZ haha, becasue I feel like I'm camping. It's been in the 60s and 70s!! I haven't sweat a drop since leaving the MTC! It is so nice! 
So the majority of the people here are old folks. Everyone we've gone and visited since being here have been old, and a little bit crazy! But they are hilarious and awesome! I already love the people so much! And guess what!? On two separate appointments, I had people tell me I was glowing! When I would say something or bear my testimony they would cut me off and say I was glowing and that they could see it in my eyes. Talk about a confidence booster! 
The bishop is awesome! We have companion prayer with him every night over the phone, and we even have keys to his house! And the night I got here he came over to the apartment and welcomed me. 
So apparently we have the nicest apartment in the mission? It's two story and there's so much space, which is good since there's three of us. And we have a washer and dryer! I was praying so hard that I wouldn't have to go to a laundromat haha. 
So I have no idea how to shop for food for myself. That'll be an adventure!
So I heard this great quote from Sister Anthony. "Good, better, best. Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better best." How awesome! Never give up, always strive to be better, endure to the end! Also a great scripture that I've really come to love is 2 Nephi 31:20. Read it. It's fantastic. 
I have so much more to say but so little time! I miss and love you all! 

Sister Hanna
These first 2 pics are from the MTC

July 4th at the MTC

Haystack Rock in Oregon

A member gave them this coke. She didn't say if they drank it.
I felt like her email was short today. I really wanted more! Is a day by day recount of all her doings too much to ask for? Probably :( I just love hearing from her and it always leaves me wanting more. I should probably be happy I got an email at all. I've joined a "missionary mamma" group on Facebook and it seems like a lot of missionaries don't email every week. I would die if I didn't get one! So I'll be satisfied with every word she sends me!
Here's her current address:
16590 William Foss Rd
P.O. Box 422
LaPine, OR 97739
You can still send to the mission home but she'll get it a couple days sooner if you use this address.

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