Monday, October 10, 2016

This week was a very exciting week!

We took Nita to the temple on Thursday! She loved it! We started off at the visitors center, where the sisters told Nita about the different ordinances that happen inside the temple. Then we went and toured the grounds. She was also able to go inside the atrium with some of our members. After she came out, she talked about how good and clear she felt being inside of the temple. She told us how she's gone to so many different churches who claim to have peace and clarity, but she never felt quite right being there. But being on the temple grounds, she was able to feel complete peace and clarity. She talked about how she can't wait to go back to the temple! Also, I was able to see Sister Ramsay from the MTC at the visitors center and Hermana Rachel Anderson, who I went to high school with!
It's so fun to see missionary friends! 

On Saturday, Nita was baptized! It was such a great baptism! She even bought a white dress for the occasion! She's so cute! I was able to give the baptism talk and Sister Lovell was able to perform a musical number for part of the program. Nita was beaming the entire time!
Speaking of baptism, Austin finally committed to a baptismal date! We've been teaching Austin since I got to Salem. He's taken it really slow, but he has been changed by the gospel! He's happier and more outgoing! He picked the date of November 12th. And get this, he said the date came to him while watching general conference last weekend! The Spirit is real!!! 

Great things are happening here in the YSA ward!

Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Hanna    
Nita's Baptism
The family who invited Nita to take the lessons

We took Nita to the Temple!

Hermana Rachel Anderson from Mesa, AZ. I went to high school with her!
 Salem Capital building

 Waiting to get our car fixed

 An Elder from the mission made this for me!


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