Monday, October 31, 2016


So...knocking on doors during Halloween is pretty interesting as a missionary. At the beginning of this week, Sister Hart and I were knocking on this door who's front porch was all decked out with Halloween decorations. Above the doorbell on this house was hanging this pirate skull thingy. We thought nothing of it, but when Sister Hart knocked on the door the skull started making this really loud noise at us! It scared us both! And it's a good thing no one was home because they would've opened the door to us laughing our heads off. And then last night, we were knocking on a door that had multiple Halloween decorations around it. We were prepared this time and slowly approached the door. But nothing when off. The man answered and in the middle of us talking to him, one of the decorations went off and I threw my hands up in the air and screamed. It was hilarious, and also embarrassing. I think the man was highly satisfied that he scared The Mormons haha!
This week went really well! We are working with a lot of returning less-actives!!! IT is so AWESOME to see people return to the gospel! Not too long ago our Bishop told us that he felt like the missionary work in this area would prosper through the less active members, and we've definitely see that come true! We've gotten most of our new investigators through our less active members as well as our recent converts! 
We had a really good lesson with our on date investigator, Austin. He's getting baptized in two weeks and on Friday, we went over to go over the baptismal interview questions with him. I was a little bit worried that he didn't have much of a testimony, especially about Joseph Smith. But, when we went through the questions with him, he was able to bear his testimony multiple times! I was worried for nothing! He's doing really awesome! 
That's about it for this week!
Sister Hanna
Apparently owls chase people in this park!


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