Monday, September 19, 2016


So remember how I wrote about the referral we got last week from a member of our high council? Well..she's on date for baptism!!! Her name is Nita. We taught her the restoration on Tuesday night, and to sum up how it went, she said that two strangers she had just met an hour ago were able to give her feelings and answers that not even her parents could give her. She accepted everything we taught her and was so relieved to find answers to questions that she's had for years. When we taught her about the Book of Mormon, she was ecstatic! She asked where she could go to buy one, and then could hardly believe it when we handed her a copy. She held the book reverently in her hands and said that she would be up all night reading it. Then, we had another lesson on Friday night and we taught her the plan of salvation. Again, she was so excited to learn about this plan! She said that it gave her a lot of hope, knowing that her family would get a second chance. She really loved this plan because it was in line with God's character. We asked her if she believed that the things we had taught her were true, and she said that she believed everything that we had taught her! AND! We committed her to be baptized on October 8th! She committed to baptism right away! She also came to church on Sunday and loved it! She's also coming to FHE tonight. SHE"S AWESOME! She's the most prepared person I've met on my mission. I love her so much! 

So yesterday, I got attacked by a sprinkler. We were on our way up to the front door of our dinner appointment's home last night when we heard this really loud clicking noise and saw a stream of water shooting out across the walkway. We thought it was strange, but we kept on walking. And then, before I could even register what was going on, I was being fire-hosed by another one of the sprinklers! I was standing right in front of it, so the front of my dress from the waist down was soaked! The member who was feeding us must have heard me squealing outside, because he ran out the front door and said "Didn't you read the sign?" No, I didn't read the sign! We asked why he had ninja sprinklers in his front yard, and he said they're heat sensored to scare away the deer when they try and eat his flowers. So, that is the story of how I ate dinner last night soaking wet, feeling like I had wet my pants. It was awesome. 😂    

Sister Hanna         

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