Monday, March 7, 2016

This week has been so great! We did a lot of walking this week and we were able to talk to a lot of people. So, approaching strangers on the street is kind of awkward, so of course we have to come up with ways on how to approach someone on the street. This is done in the form of asking people questions that we already know the answer to 😂 A lot of the times we ask people, "Hey, are Monmouth St. and Monmouth Ave the same thing?" (They're not haha) Which then leads into "Have you ever met missionaries before?" But it's the best, non-awkward way to start a conversation! Another fun way to approach people is to ask them if they know a person from back home. "Hey, does Callie Shaw live around here?" People have no idea, because none of the people we ask them about live in Oregon! Haha, those Mormons! We're so sneaky. But, there's a point to this story. We were walking down main street the other day and we approached this lady and her two little kids. We asked her if she knew the difference between Monmouth St. and Monmouth Ave. We then asked her if she had ever met missionaries before. She said yes...turns out she was already a member! Sister Hart and I felt so dumb! But nevertheless, we played it cool. 😂

The highlight of this week was on Saturday when I got to go back to Bend for the Manley's baptism!!!! This was the best baptism I have ever been to! It was so spiritual, and of course, everyone was crying. Brother Manley, who has been inactive since he was a teenager, was able to baptize his wife and son. He also got up and bore his testimony twice at the end of the baptism, something that I thought he would never do. The gospel! It changes lives! Just a few months ago, he wouldn't even consider baptizing his family because he didn't feel like he could be worthy enough to do it. But the transformation this family has undergone since I first met them back in July has been huge! The gospel has truly changed and blessed their lives, and I've never seen them so happy. The reunions were so sweet, and I got to see so many of the people that I had to leave in LaPine. I am so grateful to God that I had the blessing of being a part of their baptism.

Sister Hanna

Manley's Baptism

Awkward pose cause we can't hug him

I saw my baby (the greenie I trained)
Visiting the coast on Pday


Easter Advent calendar I sent her.
Each little bag has a piece of candy and a quote from our prophets about the Atonement.

Random Kylo Ren Picture

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