Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello all!

This week has been great! I know that I say that every week, but it's usually always true! And if it's not, I say that it is anyways because I am a happy person! 

Okay, so the best event from this week wasssssss (drum roll) Austin's baptism! He looked SO happy! I know I've said it before but the gospel has created such a change in this kid! When I first met him, he was super shy, not very talkative and he didn't participate in the lessons very much. But now, he is beaming with happiness and has made so many good friends in the YSA ward! He talks all the time now and he is always cracking jokes! IT'S AWESOME! The baptism was very spiritual, which is great because he had a lot of nonmember family and friends there. It was a day of rejoicing for sure!

We are continuing to see miracles in this area as we work with the less active members. On Tuesday, Sister Hart and I were walking down the street when we heard this girl yell from her car, "Hey! Are you looking for me?" We weren't, but we didn't tell her that haha. Anyways, she asked if we could come to her house and teach her the discussions! I'm sure that you can all imagine how crazy our missionary brains were acting at this moment! So we followed her to her house and found out that she's a member of the church already and has been inactive for 3 years. She explained that all of her family members are active members of the church. She said that she feels like she is in a spot in her life where she can take the missionary discussions to try and find peace and understanding. It was way cool! We're going back on Tuesday to teach her!

Another miracle that happened that same day was when we visited an inactive member of our ward. At the end of our visit we asked him if he knew anyone who could use a message of Jesus Christ. He gave us the name of his friend Joel. So we went over to see Joel and we found out that he's attended church before! We asked him what his experience was like and he told us that he had passed out in the gym afterwards! But the best part is that he believes that experience to be a holy one! So we told him about the story of Alma the Younger in the Book of Mormon! We also talked to him about prayer and asked him if her believed that God answers prayers. He said no, so we told him about the story of Enos as well. He was really interested in both of those scriptural stories and we committed him to read them. We're going back on Tuesday!

So I'm pretty sure I told you all about Tara last week. Tara is the girlfriend of a returning less active member who started reading the Book of Mormon. This week we had dinner with her and Daniel and we taught them the plan of salvation. At the end of the lesson, Tara agreed to a soft baptismal invite! AHHH! SO COOL!!!! God is throwing miracles at us left and right!

Missionary work is awesome!

Sister Hanna      
Austin's Baptism
Our STLs hear attacked us

Exchanges with Sister Mumford! REUNITED ONCE AGAIN!


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