Friday, June 26, 2015

Our First Email!

Only two days in and we got our first email! It was a wonderful surprise and did a lot to ease my mind. She's doing great and loving every minute of it!!

Hi family!

I AM SO EXCITED TO BE EMAILING RIGHT NOW! There are so many things that I want to tell you! First off, let me tell you about my companion. She is AWESOME! We're already best friends and we get along great. Her name is Sister Rasmussen and she's from Heber, Utah. She's just as weird and as crazy as I am! We both have signature faces that we like to make when taking pictures! I showed her mine, she loves it. And hers is great as well! We can already finish each others sentences and we're usually thinking the same thing. Sister Ramsay and Sister Van Quill are the other two sisters that we live with, and all four of us have become fast friends! We've only known each other for two days but it feels like we've known each other for years! They are SO much fun to be around. 
The spirit here at the MTC is so strong! Each building on the campus has been dedicated to the Lord's work in the same way that the temple has, so the spirit is ever present here. The classes are three hours long, but the time flies because learning and experiencing the gospel is so fun! I've already been taught so much, but the biggest lesson I've learned is how to teach with the spirit. Words will just come out of my mouth that I had no previous time to prepare. 
So on the first day, all the new missionaries (650 of us!) had a meeting with the MTC presidency. In that meeting the quote "little growth occurs in a comfort zone and there's little comfort in a growth zone" was shared. That has been my motivation in the MTC; to be able to open my mouth when prompted to and to disregard my fears. And so far I've been great about it! Also in that meeting, we sang the song "We'll Bring the World His Truth." And the line that says "and we will be the Lord's missionaries to bring the world his truth" was changed to "and we ARE NOW the Lord's missionaries." Cry all the happy tears! We sing A LOT here at the MTC and that's usually when I fell the Spirit the strongest. 
So get this: There are apostles and other general authorities here on campus with us this week! They're training new mission presidents! I haven't seen any of them walking around yet, but I'm praying that I will! One of the Elders in my district was greeted by Elder Nelson when he arrived here! My district is awesome the majority of us are all serving in Salem! Including my companion! Which is great because I'm already sad that I have to leave her in two weeks. 
The highlight of my week so far was from yesterday. They called an emergency sisters meeting, and at first I thought, oh shoot, we're in trouble. But no! In the 17M sisters dormitories, someone saw a bat flying around! So they evacuated the entire four floors and moved us all to the older dormitories on the other side of campus! It was crazy! We had to pack everything up again and move! It's funny though because no one was upset about moving! It's such a bizarre and crazy accident that everyone thought it was hilarious. It is a bit of a bummer though having to move from the brand spanking new building in to the old building that has yellow bathroom tiles. It's so old school. But it's great! And it was amazing to watch the event play out. All of the Elders were lined up at the doors to the dormitories and would grab the sisters bags as they came out and carry them to the new rooms so the sisters wouldn't have to. And there was an Elder at every door holding them open for us. We are just one big happy family here and the unity is incredible. Another great thing from yesterday is that they served us Taco Bell for lunch and Subway for dinner. I was so happy hahaha! 
I am learning so much here and I am so happy that I made the decision to serve a mission! And Nate and Jake! I cannot wait for you to serve a mission and experience the things that I have already experienced. 
So my pdays are Fridays! That's when I can email, but I only have an hour to do so. There's so much more that I want to tell you but my time is running out and I still need to add some pictures. I love you all so much and I'm already excited to email you again next week! 
Lots of love,
Sister Hanna

Her 1st companion Sister Rasmussen

 Her bunkmates Sister Ramsay & Sister Van Quill

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